Key Senate Wins

Washington Post - 11/07/2012

The Senate election victories of Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Joe Donelly gained Democrats two Senate seats in this year's elections. Nebraska Senate winner Deb Fischer brought Republicans one more Senate seat, but Democrats currently hold a 55-45 edge, including two independents who generally vote with them.

Several retirements in Maine, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas and Virginia imperiled some historically Democratic and Republican seats but opened opportunities in others:

  • MA: Elizabeth Warren (D), 54-46% 
  • MO: Sen. Claire McCaskill (D), 55-40%
  • IN: Rep. Joe Donnelly (D), 50-44%
  • OH: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D), 50-45%
  • CT: Rep. Chris Murphy (D), 55-43%
  • FL:  Sen. Bill Nelson (D), 55-42%
  • PA: Sen. Robert P. Casey Jr (D), 54-45%
  • WI: Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D), 51-46%
  • VA: Sen. Tim Kaine (D), 52-48%
  • MT: Sen. Jon Tester (D),49-45%
  • ND: Heidi Heitkamp (D),51-50%


  • NV: Sen. Dean Heller (R), 46-45%
  • NE: Sen. Deb Fischer (R), 58-42%

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