2012 Electoral Map, Election Map, 2012 Presidential Electoral Map
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2012 Electoral Map, Election Map, 2012 Presidential Electoral Map, Election 2012 map (270 to Win)

270 electoral votes needed to win 2012 presidential election. Click the states on our interactive election map to make your forecast.       

Election Predictions Map 

The upcoming 2012 presidential election is dwindling down to reveal a handful of essential swing states that are necessary for victory. Poll Headline's interactive 2012 electoral map allows you to alter the leaning of the 2012 swing states to view several possible outcomes for the 2012 general election. Our Presidential Electoral Map, is pre-set to represent the data from the most current election poll results, our interactive features however makes it easy to manipulate the 2012 swing states to see how your candidate can achieve the needed 270 votes. So whether you want to see how the latest presidential polls are affecting the election map, or you want to place your own predictions on the Electoral College map's end results use our most comprehensive presidential map.

Republican Primary Map

2012 Republican Primary Map