About us:

News and Poll Headlines, LLC is an independent organization with no affiliation to any news organizations, media networks, or political parties. We at News and Poll Headlines, LLC strive to present our users with an unbiased view of the latest poll results from across the nation, as well as to provide them with the latest news headlines and talking points concerning both the political candidates and political issues of the day.

PollHeadlines.com is a state of the art website with an innovative design that allows our users to experience political content in a neat and easy to navigate layout. By providing the latest political content including up to the minute poll numbers and breaking political headlines our users can remain well informed on a variety of issues that may affect them, their state and the nation at large.

About the Polling Data:

Poll Headlines is not a research or polling institute, nor do we conduct any survey or polls independently or in conjunction with any other polling organizations. Poll Headlines serves as a neutral site. We present all of the polls taken by other credible polling institutes and news organizations to be displayed under one roof for easy viewing. News and Poll Headlines makes seeing poll results simple by highlighting the most important aspects of each poll for easy viewing. Additionally, our website tabulates monthly averages from all of our national and state wide polls for you to see how a specific candidate is fairing based on the combined total of all relevant poll results. For further details about a particular poll or survey, such as how a survey has been conducted, break down of sampling or geography, you may go directly to the pollster's source provided by Poll Headline's link to the polling source. You can click on the source link to view more poll details and from there you may contact them directly with your questions. Some of the poll sources that are utilized in our website are listed below::

      • CNN/Opinion Research
      • CBS/New York Times
      • ABC/Washington Post
      • NBC/Wall Street Journal
      • Fox News
      • Gallup
      • Rasmussen Reports
      • Public Policy Polling
      • Quinnipiac University
      • SurveyUSA
      • Pew Research Center
      • American Research Group
      • We Ask America
      • Democracy Corps
      • Mason-Dixon
      • Purple Strategies
      • And many more

We include only those polls that are conducted via telephone interview on our website; we do not include any polling conducted via the internet or any polls conducted by a candidate's campaign or through Super PACs.

There will be two polling dates posted with every poll result on News and Poll Headlines. These include the dates in which the polls were conducted as well as the release date for that poll. The release dates will often times be several days after the survey has concluded and indicates the day that the polling institute made their information public. News and Poll Headlines strives to provide you with this information as soon as it becomes available in an easy to read and user friendly format.

About Our Charts:

Poll Headlines provides polling charts designed to present the latest polling data in an easy to read and user friendly manner. The charts will show the average results from the latest different pollsters during a specific time frame.

About Our News Section:

In addition to providing you with the latest and most credible poll releases throughout the nation, we also provide political headlines that follow relevant or trending political news associated with candidate races as well as larger political issues. These news stories are brief summaries of other news stories from reliable news outlets. We at News and Poll Headlines, LLC do not write news stories from first hand sources but select top stories from across the nation that have the largest impact on the political landscape. We always source where these news stories originate and make links for you to see the political story in full on Poll Headlines.

About Our Blog:

The Poll Headlines blog is updated on a periodic basis to reflect the largest political trends and issues of the week. Based on the prevalence of a particular issue in the news, social media, or in polling surveys, a blog post will be written addressing the topic. The blog topics are written by our staffers at Poll Headlines.