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POLL HEADLINES SITES DMCA COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT CLAIM POLICY asks that you respect both the intellectual property rights of its website and subsequent WebPages brought to you by News and Poll Headlines, LLC as well as the intellectual property of other users on If you find or if you believe that any material on or linked onto is in violation of your individual copyright please notify at , and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. If you believe that your rights under copyright laws has been violated through our website an any way, please provide News and Poll Headlines, LLC our parent corporation with the following information with your notification of copyright infringement and our authorized agents will look into your claim,

(a) the copyrighted work believed to be violated should be identified, if multiple works have been copied that a list of such works should be included. Providing URLs of the material would be helpful to locate the material.
(b) contact information, such as an email address, or telephone number so we may contact you for inquiries we may have about the material
(c) a written statement that you believe in good faith that the work has not been authorized by the copyright user, or its agent , or the law to be used
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Once News and Poll Headlines, LLC receives the notification from the copyright owner that a suspected infringement has occurred and the required information specified in the above (a)-(d) has been met News and Poll Headlines, LLC will notify the user of the alleged infringement if it has occurred and remove or disable the content as soon as possible. No information about the user information will be shared with the copyright owner unless the information is needed to be in compliance with the law.

We take such notices with the upmost care and concern and will respond by removing any material or disabling any links to material that is violation of your copyright. If a visitor repeatedly infringes upon an individual's copyright or on the intellectual property of others it is within the rights of and News and Poll Headlines, LLC to terminate and deny access to the user to


If you are the recipient of a copyright infringement notice and you believe that it has been issued in error you may file a counter-claim with News and Poll Headlines, LLC contact us at

In order for your claim to be reviewed as quickly as possible it is important the you provide to the authorized executives of News and Poll Headlines, LLC the following information:

(a) A physical or electronic signature
(b) Identification of content that has been removed or disabled and the location where the material was located before it was removed or access was disabled
(c) A statement under penalty of perjury that the users belief is in good faith that the material was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification of the material
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News and Poll Headlines, LLC will provide you upon receiving the counter-claim a copy of your claim. Once News and Poll Headlines receives the counter-claim that meets requirement News and Poll Headlines, LLC will process your claim in accordance within legal guidelines.


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(a) any unique, incidental or consequence damages
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Unless otherwise stated News and Poll Headlines, LLC makes no warranty regarding the confidentiality of your communication or information that is transmitted on, or other linked sites to You in agreeing to these terms and conditions that News and Poll Headlines, LLC is not responsible for the confidentiality of any information disclosed, and is not responsible for loss or damages that may arise from the voluntary disclosure of such information to

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