PA Gov. Tom Corbett's Approval Rating at 36%

Quinnipiac University - 01/29/2013

With a big thumbs down from women and a lackluster rating from Republicans, Pennsylvania voters disapprove 42 - 36 percent of the job Gov. Tom Corbett is doing, putting him in the hole half-way through his first term, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

There is a large gender gap in today's results, as women disapprove 45 - 31 percent while men approve 41 - 37 percent. Republicans approve by a lukewarm 52 - 25 percent. Disapproval is 57 - 24 percent among Democrats and 39 - 36 percent among independent voters.

The governor does not deserve to be reelected, Pennsylvania voters say 51 - 31 percent, including 54 - 24 percent among women and 48 - 38 percent among men. Only 49 percent of Republicans say Corbett deserves to be reelected. Read More.

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