Using Super PACs to an Advantage

A recent poll conducted in Utah has shown that a majority of people hold Super PACs in a very negative light. The polling results revealed that close to 70% of people felt that allowing for unlimited donations will lead to corruption voters are highly suspicious and critical of  Super PACs and some candidates running for 2012 house and governor elections are using this skepticism to their advantage. However running on a platform targeted to individuals skepticism and perpetuating their beliefs about how unlimited finances turns to corruption and shady behavior will still be an uphill battle. President Obama succumbed to using Super PACs once it became clear that not taking advantage of this newly available campaign tool would be disastrous for his reelection efforts. While some candidates were able to run successful campaigns against Super PACs like the one conducted by Utah’s Orrin Hatch  in his states Senate election, the majority of candidates will be unlikely to pull of this kind of victory. Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri is trying to run on the anti-Super PAC platform but will have to do so while combating more than 3 million dollar of negative campaign ads bought by the Super PAC that wants to see her replaced. Even though the latest political polls show a vast majority of the population dislike the use of the Super PAC it can be almost impossible to run against their large reaching influence.

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