Obamacare Group Cuts Staff

POLITICO - 04/09/2015

100 jobs are being cut by the primary national organization promoting Obamacare enrollment amid a major retrenchment as key funders turn to other healthcare priorities. The group, led by veterans of the efforts of President Barack Obama and administration, was never meant to continue forever, but a precipitous drop in capital compelled it to scale back to half of its peak size after just two seasons of Obamacare sign up. That is a more accelerated throttling back than a number of the people associated with Enrol had imagined at the start. Its doors are closing. It's keeping over 100 individuals in the area for the 2016 sign-up season, but they work more on training and will focus directly on consumer engagement and equipping local partner organizations to take the registration banner into the future, Enrol America president Anne Filipic said. Read more.

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